See my works below. Unless stated otherwise in their description, their back-end and some of them front-end parts were done by me.

  • Busy until March 2019. From then on, I'll be learning new skill and find new job in big company.

    Looking for a BackEND dev willing to join your team?
    Contact me. I will answer you in ~24 hours.

  • During this time I took a break from freelancing and instead decided to work in a  company, in order to get experience with working in a in-house team, doing projects in Python language and Django. See my CV for more details.

  • TweetME
    Mini Twitter project

    web application like twitter service , every user can tweet to each other s, like , reply , retweet , hashtag , mention. and users have profile page and followers and following. 


    • projects that rely on an API using the Django Rest Framework
    • Auto-generate hashtags and hashtag filter (#yourtag)
    • Integrate Bootstrap (getbootstrap.com) as a front end framework
    • Working with AJAX and jQuery


    More details
  • Balamo
    Online Honey Shop

    The balamo online honey shop, users can buy honey and bee's products, and this website exsit in searchengine top result on related keyword :


    • shopping
    • articles
    • related articles
    • user comments
    • statistics
    • zarinpal payment method
    • chat with sellers


    More details
  • Sepanta
    Digital Marketing Website

    Sepanta group provides digital marketing service to the customers , they can see service details and related reportfolios and Articles.


    • portfolio website
    • portfolio SEO
    • hosting Service Section
    • articles and customer feedback side and ...


    More details
  • AsiaPokht
    Bakery machine manufacturer

    a company website that customers can see all portfolio and products detail and read article related to barkey machine on website and news about barkey and iranina bread.


    • Wordpress Core and related plugins
    • R18 wp template
    • Commenting
    • articles
    • portfolio
    • Responsive web application
    • SEO on "دستگاه نانوایی first google result


    More details
  • PianoTransport
    a company specialising in moving pianos

    users can see sevices detail and portfolio and customers feedback, read related article.


    • wordpress core and related plugins
    • SEO on "حمل پیانو" first google result
    • enfold wp template
    • articles
    • portfolio
    • gallery
    • responsive web application


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