Mini Twitter project

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. The power behind social media allows us to do amazing things together. What exactly is behind it? Well... it's Simple Web Application concepts that can be applied to ALL and ANY web applications that you may build , web application like twitter service , every user can tweet to each other s, like , reply , retweet , hashtag , mention. and users have profile page and followers and following. 


in summary, what I built is :


  • Ajax + jQuery to "Tweet" messages
  • Tag users directly (@user)
  • Use Hashtags (#newtag)
  • Integrate Bootstrap
  • Using an Ajax form within a Bootstrap Modal
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Follow users (via Ajax)
  • Like posts (via Ajax)
  • Retweet posts (via Ajax)
  • Class Based Views
  • Custom Template Tags
  • Counting characters in a form
  • Basic Registration
  • And much more!


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