Skills & offer

I am a web developer with over six years of experience.

I have developed and launched multiple projects carrying the development of its' back-end and some of them front-end codebases, My current toolset includes Python & Django Framework & Mongodb , Docker and all the other various libraries and technologies related to them.

Back-end Web development

In back-end development, my current stack involves Python and Django Framework.

Nearly every app I have done in the past had the back-end written also by me. In order to improve the development speed, performance and reliability, I have changed languages and frameworks already multiple times, from PHP to Python.

Luckily, my experience and lessons I learned while doing all those apps, will stay with me and be useful forever, no matter what framework I will use in the next project.

What I can do is:

  • cooperation with APIs
  • deploy web app with django framework
  • rest with djano rest framework
  • using pytest in python projects
  • using varius python libraries
  • create python UI with pyqt and eel
  • using and config linux servers
  • using different types of databases (like PostgreSQLMySQLMongoDB)
  • dividing the servers into different docker containers; load balancing
  • git and version control tools

What about dev-ops, design, UI ?

During my time I have created and released many websites.

Thus, not only I have coded their back-end and front-end code, but often I also had to care about other things needed in a successful web application:

  • good planning of UI and thinking how it affects the UX
  • consistency in design and typography
  • search engine optimization
  • deployment to the server (e.g. using Docker) and monitor its’ processes to avoid downtimes.

I try to learning and make experience every time, every where.